Content is king, and the amount of engagement that content is generating will tell you whether or not you’re hitting all of the right notes with your audience. The challenge, however, is that most folks know that content is king and marketers are creating more content than ever before, making it increasingly difficult to stand out from the crowd.
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The world of B2B marketing is ever evolving, and today’s marketing team needs to be able to adopt new strategies and leverage a mix of technologies that educate, engage and increase conversions. Marketing is part art, part science, and there are a number of different things that make up a top-notch marketing team that always keeps the pipeline full. With that said, we’ve paired it down to 5 essential traits.

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(Houston, TX) – Elastic Solutions, a provider of webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that drive greater pipeline for marketers, has announced that Version 3.0 of their cloud-based webcasting solution will be released in September 2017, and it will be 100% HTML5-based.

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Marketers (and anybody else involved with producing webinars) have a number of challenges and questions they’re faced with when executing webinars:

  • Is the platform I’m using actually going to work the way it should, or is it going to be a technical pain in my @#$?
  • Who will my presenters be? Will they be any good? Do I have enough bandwidth to execute my webinars the right way?
  • How are we going to promote it and will our promotional efforts drive the traffic and leads we’re hoping for?

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Marketers are constantly looking for the right mix of events to build brand awareness, educate their customers and prospects, and, of course, help them close more business. Unfortunately, most marketers think that a certain type of event always needs to be executed a certain type of way, and that couldn’t be further from the truth. With the technologies available today, and the different ways customers and prospects want to engage, companies need to be taking more of their events online to extend their reach and touch more of their audience, drive more measurable response and save a good chunk of change in the process. Here are three events that have traditionally been in-person, but are tailor-made for an online/virtual approach: Continue reading

(Houston, TX) – Elastic Solutions, a provider of webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that drive greater pipeline for marketers, has come out with a new program – The Elastic Solutions Four-Pronged Approach to Account-Based Marketing (ABM). It’s designed for marketers who are looking for a more effective way to kick-start their ABM efforts and drive more ROI from their key account marketing.

“The concept of ABM has been around for a long time. Whether you define it as ABM, key-account marketing or any other host of names, it’s not a brand new concept”, says Jason Stegent, Founder and President of Elastic Solutions. “With that being said, a few things have happened in the last few years that have made ABM all the craze. First of all, marketers are getting a lot more laser-focused in their inbound/outbound efforts, going after their key accounts and decision makers with a more personalized, tailored approach. All of the account intelligence available to them these days allows them to tailor their message to meet where their target audience is in the buying cycle. Second, a host of solutions have entered the marketing technology landscape making the ABM process more efficient than ever before. Because of this, the ABM concept can be leveraged by marketers from any size business, not just big business. Our ABM Kickstarter program, The Four-Pronged Approach to ABM, combines our marketing services with our cloud-based webcasting solution and enables marketers to gain valuable marketplace intelligence, create more target audience engagement, and find the key accounts and decision makers that are tailor-made for their solutions.”

The 120 Day Program Includes:

• Custom building an iron-clad list of Key Accounts and Stakeholders
• An Industry Survey that provides timely marketplace intelligence and uncovers ‘sales ready’ leads in the process
• Executive Brief that summarizes the findings of the survey, let’s professionals see what they’re peers in the industry are doing, and acts as a highly effective content marketing and lead generation tool
• An Interactive Webinar that summarizes the findings of the campaign and allows companies to interact with their target audience in a more engaging way, ultimately driving more measurable results and better leads

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About ElasticSolutions

Elastic Solutions provides webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that increase target audience engagement, drive more qualified leads and improve overall pipeline value.

From cloud-based webcasting and virtual event solutions that extend your reach, enhance demand generation and accelerate opportunities through the sales funnel, to strategic lead-gen services that get businesses in front of the right decision makers and drive more ‘sales ready’ leads in the process, Elastic Solutions improves the ways business leaders engage their target audience.
The company is headquartered in Houston, TX at 3100 South Gessner Road, Suite 135. To learn more, please visit and/or call 832.831.5844