Webinars are the best content marketing/lead gen tool in a marketer’s toolbox. Successful webinar strategies don’t just simply happen…far from it. There are certain steps and processes involved that separate the great ones from the rest of the pack. Anything worth doing is worth doing exceptionally well, right?
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Think about how many tools allow you to:

  • Know if you’re dealing with the right decision makers and influencers
  • Learn about what your targeted accounts are doing around X, Y and Z
  • Get insight into what they like/dislike about their current solution
  • Understand if the person on the other end is a legitimate opportunity for you and your business

Not many. However, a well crafted survey is one of those tools. Because it’s a part of our business, and because more and more B2B marketers are using surveys to drive actionable insight from their key accounts, I present to you the ‘Anatomy of a Good Lead Generation Survey’:

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