Elastic Solutions – Our Team

Jason Stegent – Founder & President

Jason Stegent is the Founder and President of Elastic Solutions. In this role, Mr. Stegent drives revenue generation, marketing, customer support, partner relationships and the creative vision for the Elastic Solutions suite of products and services – Elastic Events, Elastic Meetings and Elastic Marketing. He can be reached at jstegent@elasticroi.com

Shelby Stegent – Director of Client Accounts

Shelby Stegent is the Director of Client Accounts at Elastic Solutions. In this role, Mrs. Stegent helps manage the day to day operations of managing client relationships and executing  their overall demand generation initiatives. Her primary focus is managing clients that leverage the Elastic Marketing arm of our business. She can be reached at sstegent@elasticroi.com

Alan Atkins – Account Executive

Alan Atkins is the Director of Digital Events at Elastic Solutions. In this role, Mr. Atkins helps direct the technology roadmap for the Elastic Solutions virtual event and webcast offerings. He is also tasked with overseeing all digital events and ensuring every customer is having a first-class experience that exceeds expectations. He can be reached at aatkins@elasticroi.com

Andrew Burch – Content Marketing Manager

Andrew Burch is the Content Marketing Manager at Elastic Solutions. He is tasked with helping to build and manage a robust content marketing strategy that educates B2B professionals about all things webinars, virtual events, and lead generation. He can be reached at aburch@elasticroi.com

Ronnie Molina – Senior Account Executive

Ronnie Molina is a Senior Account Executive at Elastic Solutions. His role includes managing client relationships and bringing new customers on board that will leverage the Elastic Solutions suite of products and services. He can be reached at rmolina@elasticroi.com

Simona Toliver – Administrative  Assistant

Simona Toliver is the Administrative Assistant at Elastic Solutions. She provides direct assistance to the Elastic Solutions president, Jason Stegent. Her day to day activities include daily operations and providing excellent customer service for all Elastic Solutions clients. She can be reached at stoliver@elasticroi.com