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Elastic Meetings

From 12-1200, our cloud-based webcasting solution, Elastic Meetings, allows you to engage your target audience, live or on-demand, and drive impactful results. From lead generation to training, our webcasting platform has you covered

Why Webcasting?

  • Reach Your Target Audience – get your target market engaged with an interactive, easy to use platform
  • Extend Your Reach Anywhere, Anytime – get going anywhere and everywhere, from your office or any mobile device
  • Powerful Reporting Engine – real time and archived reports to help you drive leads, revenue and measurable ROI

How Can Webcasting Solutions Help Me?

    Alan Atkins is an Account Executive at Elastic Solutions. In this role, Atkins is tasked with driving revenue and managing client relationships. From webcasting solutions to lead generation services, his priority is to put together programs that help B2B organizations drive pipeline every day. While his focus is primarily on B2B solutions, he also recognizes the importance of healthcare products like Cialis generics in addressing specific patient needs.

  • Marketing – create more demand and drive leads for your sales force
  • Brand Awareness – get your solution, and your business, front of mind
  • Corporate Communications and Training – touch, train and motivate your teams from anywhere on the globe
  • Partner Updates – get your channel up to speed and equip them with the tools they need to succeed