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Elastic Meetings

From 12-1200, our cloud-based webcasting solution, Elastic Meetings, allows you to engage your target audience, live or on-demand, and drive impactful results. From lead generation to training, our webcasting platform has you covered

Why Webcasting?

  • Reach Your Target Audience – get your target market engaged with an interactive, easy to use platform
  • Extend Your Reach Anywhere, Anytime – get going anywhere and everywhere, from your office or any mobile device
  • Powerful Reporting Engine – real time and archived reports to help you drive leads, revenue and measurable ROI

How Can Webcasting Solutions Help Me?

  • Marketing – create more demand and drive leads for your sales force
  • Brand Awareness – get your solution, and your business, front of mind
  • Corporate Communications and Training – touch, train and motivate your teams from anywhere on the globe
  • Partner Updates – get your channel up to speed and equip them with the tools they need to succeed