5 Lead Generation Initiatives for 2017

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We’re going to keep this short and sweet…

Focus on Qualified Leads

‘Quality over quantity’ – cliché, yes; but it’s solid advice. According to LinkedIn’s Technology Marketing Group, 59% of professionals confirmed that generating high-quality leads was their top priority for 2016 and moving forward. A large number of ‘leads’ don’t even make it to the conversation stage because they aren’t qualified, but your team already put time and effort into getting those leads. Prevent that waste by having a defined target audience and the right content to attract that audience.

Where’s your content ‘bulls-eye’?

You know what’s coming… you say it in your sleep – “Content is King.” However, how much power does a King have outside of his realm? The same applies to content! You can have incredible, earth-shattering content but you won’t see any results if you’re not targeting the right audience. So, who’s in your bulls-eye?

Maximize Content Usage

Okay, I‘ll stop harping on content… after this. Think of how much time, effort, and budget goes into creating all of your content. Some content takes hours or days to perfect, but others can take weeks or months! That’s a tremendous use of resources to wash your hands of once you’ve completed the project. Instead of launching and leaving, repurpose your whitepapers, webinars, blogs… basically everything! If the topic is still relevant to the industry, keep your message going.

(Need ideas on how to repurpose content? Check this out… )

Get in the Automation Game

If you have multiple targets, marketing automation should be your best friend. You can do a bit of predicting and guess work to automate messages and interactions based on the pages that people visit. For example, this blog will most likely be visited by sales reps and managers, while this blog is more likely to attract marketers and event specialists. By implementing marketing automation, you’re able to pin-point the most qualified and active prospects, optimizing your time and efforts.

Let’s get personal…

Well, on a professional level, of course. All of your interactions should be personalized with the first name at the very least – bonus points for company, industry, etc. Personalized interactions build and nurture your relationships without coming off generic. If you do it right, the prospect won’t even know they’re on a list.