Creating Training Environments That Work

Posted on Jun 25, 2014 by .

If you’ve been in the sales game long enough, you’ve undoubtedly been put through the sales training ringer. Week long immersion courses, training workshops, quarterly ride-alongs or visits from the corporate sales managers for 1-2 day sessions. The list goes on and on. Most of these tactics are still being used today and sales leaders wonder why, more often than not, these training techniques aren’t creating better reps and driving accelerated revenues for their business.

The main reason is reinforcement! Once this type of training is over, it’s over. Most of the time there’s no takeaways from these training techniques that allow the sales professional to take what they learned and make it an integrated piece of their sales strategy moving forward. Sure, they might apply what they learned for a few months, but without having 24/7 access to the right training material, eventually what they learned will fall by the wayside and you’ll end up with training investment wasted.

At Elastic Solutions, we’re able to create virtual training environments and learning centers that give your sales team 24/7, 365 access to the training collateral they need to succeed. Moving your training investment to an online environment not only makes it a more repeatable process, which in turn will create more effective reps and bottom line revenue for your business, but it will dramatically cut your training costs. No more flying your managers and/or your reps all over the country when they can get everything they need from the comforts of their office or any mobile device. Studies have proven that creating a virtual training strategy can cut your training costs by as much as 75-80%.

Of course, you’ll hear the question ‘How can I ensure that my reps are not only logging into these virtual training environments, but staying engaged?’ Not a problem. Our training centers come lock, stock and barrel with analytical web-based reporting that tracks everything your reps are doing – what presentations they attend and how long, product videos they view, content they download, interactions they have with product experts, etc. – so you can determine which ones are truly engaged and which ones are out to lunch. Something to think about before you plan your next training budget.

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