Live Webinar – Top 5 Traits of Highly Successful Lead Generation Strategies

Posted on May 8, 2018 by .

(Houston, TX) – Elastic Solutions, a provider of webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that help B2B marketers drive significant pipeline, is hosting a webinar – Top 5 Traits of Highly Successful Lead Generation Strategies – on May 22nd at 1 PM CDT.

“Ask any B2B marketer what keeps them up at night, and they’ll say lead generation”, says Jason Stegent, Founder and President of Elastic Solutions. “But it’s not just lead generation, it’s QUALITY lead generation. There’s been a real shift over the last 3-4 years where marketers are getting more targeted than ever before and have an increased focus on bringing in leads that match a defined criteria. We’re going to cover why some lead-gen strategies are so much more effective than others, and what organizations can do to implement these strategies in short order. For any marketing team that’s stuck in a lead-gen rut, this webinar is a must watch.”

In 45 minutes or less, attendees will learn:

  • The importance of defining what a lead is and building a targeted list of prospects against that defined criteria.
  • Why it’s more important to educate than sell, and the best ways this can be done
  • How to put together lead-gen strategies that speak to your prospect’s needs and where they are in their buying journey
  • Why measuring performance is so critical for future lead-gen investments
  • Much more

The webinar will end with a live Q&A. Please click here to register now!

About Elastic Solutions

Elastic Solutions provides webinar-based marketing solutions and lead generation services that increase target audience engagement, generate more qualified leads and drive greater pipeline results.

From cloud-based webcasting and virtual event solutions that enhance demand generation and accelerate opportunities through the sales funnel, to strategic marketing services that get businesses in front of the right decision makers and generate more ‘sales ready’ leads in the process, Elastic Solutions improves the way companies engage their target audience.

The company is headquartered in Houston, TX at 3100 South Gessner Road, Suite 135. To learn more, please visit and/or call 832.831.5844. We look forward to working with you.