New Product Release – Introducing Elastic Universities

Posted on Aug 24, 2022 by .

Elastic Solutions, a leading provider of digital event and demand generation solutions that enable marketers to generate deeper audience engagement and drive more pipeline, has announced the release of their latest product – Elastic Universities.

“We’re exceptionally excited about this new product because it serves a significant need for B2B marketers,” said Jason Stegent, Founder and President at Elastic Solutions. “Building a robust content marketing stack has been a priority for B2B businesses for quite some time. However, it’s no longer about volume, volume, volume. It’s about quality content and hosting it in formats and environments that your audience wants to engage with, while at the same time arming your teams with better audience insight that they can use to sell and market smarter. This is what the Elastic Universities solution brings to the table – quality content environments that strengthen customer relationships and drive more pipeline.”

This new product offering will be featured in an upcoming webinar on September 20th at 1pm Central – Introducing Elastic Universities: Demand Generation Content Hubs.

If you have any questions about this new product, upcoming webinar, or anything related to Elastic Solutions, please email and/or call 832.831.5844.

About Elastic Solutions

Elastic Solutions provides digital event and demand generation solutions that enable marketers to extend their reach, significantly increase audience engagement, and drive more pipeline.

 Through webinars, virtual events, and targeted lead generation services, we help our clients generate better leads and acquire more ideal customers. The company is headquartered in Houston, TX at 3100 South Gessner Road, Suite 135. To learn more, please visit, email,  or call us at 832.831.5844. We look forward to working with you.