Repurposing Your Content for Greater Demand Generation Impact

Posted on Mar 2, 2022 by .

It’s 2022 and content is still king. Let me rephrase that…QUALITY content is still king. Having a full stack of quality content is essential for any successful demand generation initiative. It’s the foundation of getting leads into the pipeline, accelerating them through the funnel, and turning them into customers. With that said, a lot of companies miss out on the opportunity to turn existing content into other forms of content that can engage their target audience and drive more pipeline. Often, great content is staring you right in the face and waiting to be repurposed. Here’s how you should repurpose your quality content into other formats that drive greater demand generation impact for your business.

Turn static content (whitepapers, research reports, case studies, survey results, eBooks, etc.) into engagement-driven digital events

When we talk to folks about why they don’t execute more webinars, one of the most common responses we get is that they don’t have a story to tell, or they don’t have time to build the story for a webinar. What they don’t realize is they DO have a story to tell, it’s just in the form of existing literature. Repurposing that content into webinar formats that extend your reach, engage your audience, and tell your story in a more collaborative environment will increase content marketing ROI. The engagement metrics and audience intelligence you’ll receive on the backend are also far superior to what you receive from static content, enabling your sales team to sell smarter and your marketing teams to market more efficiently.

Turn your webinars into short form highlight reels

At Elastic Solutions, we always talk about the complete webinar lifecycle. Yes, you want to have a high-quality live audience that is engaged and excited to be there. Companies also need to realize that we live in a Netflix world where people want to consume content when it’s convenient for them. Therefore, having an on-demand plan – one that is as detailed as the plan leading up to the live date – is critical for overall webinar success. With that being said, some folks don’t want to sit through a 50-60-minute on-demand webinar. They want the Cliffs Notes version. They want the highlights and key takeaways. We’ve found webinar highlight reels to be a great tool for our clients. They’re 6–7-minute videos that are easy to consume and time efficient for your prospects and customers, great to promote through social channels, and effective assets for your sales force to use in their outbound efforts. Additionally, we’ve found them to be incredibly effective in drip marketing and lead nurturing campaigns. Sometimes the biggest challenge isn’t getting leads into the funnel, it’s making sure they don’t get stuck and accelerating them through the funnel. Assets like webinar highlight reels will keep your deals moving along in the right direction.

Use webinar engagement metrics and audience feedback to create literature and additional webinars

Webinars to create webinars, and webinars to create literature. Yes, it’s a thing, and it’s a nice way to accelerate your efforts to get more quality content in front of your buyers. If you choose the right webinar partner and build your webinar the right way – making it a multi-touch, collaborative session that offers your audience several ways to engage and interact – you’ll receive a wealth of data on the backend that gives you invaluable insight into your audience and their motivations. Also, if you execute a post event survey to gather more feedback and understand what type of content your audience would like to see from you moving forward, this will provide additional audience intelligence. You can then use all this data to build webinars and other assets that speak directly to what your audience is looking for and where they are in the buying cycle. The result will be a more personalized content marketing stack that increases conversions.

Use your entire content marketing stack to build a robust virtual event

Do you have a boatload of content and you’re looking for a new outlet to breath life into it and make it shine? If so, virtual events are your ticket. Virtual events are a content marketers dream and enable you to repurpose your content in multiple ways for greater demand generation impact – webinar sessions, videos, resource centers, through product “booths” that highlight your products and services, breakout sessions, networking lounges, etc. User group conferences, product launches and showcases, partner expos and symposiums, roadshows, and townhalls (and more) can all be built from your existing content stack. You’ve worked hard to build content that speaks to your audience, and you should work just as hard to find outlets that effectively extend its reach and shelf-life. Nothing does it better, more cost effectively, and in a more measurable way than a well-executed virtual event.

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