When a True Webinar PARTNER Makes Sense

Posted on Dec 21, 2016 by .

My message isn’t striking a chord with my audience.

I’m unsure how I should promote this to my audience.

My registration page is boring as hell, and so are my confirmation and reminder emails

Why are my registration numbers so low?

Why do I have seat limits?

This technology is too hard, my presenters are never going to get how to use it

Speaking of my presenters, I can’t track them down to save my life.

Why is my attendance so low?

Wait, only X amount of people can attend?

Why can’t my audience hear me? Why is the audio quality so crappy?

I have to wait to get my reports? Are you kidding me?

I can only post this on-demand for 3 months? I have to pay more for more archiving?

What are best practices to extend the shelf-life of this content so it can keep generating leads for me?

You know what, this is just too hard. I don’t have time to plan, schedule and execute webinars. I simply don’t have the bandwidth

Does this sound familiar? If you’re a B2B marketer and you’ve run webinars or they’re a key part of your marketing strategy, chances are you’ve made some of these statements and/or asked some of these questions. If that’s the case, then you don’t need a webinar vendor…you need a webinar PARTNER. A partner that has a vested interest in making sure that you’re webinars do what they’re supposed to do – they drive traffic, they provide a platform to execute a customized, multi-touch content marketing event, they provide deep insight into audience engagement, they drive qualified leads into the pipeline, and they actually work!!!

At Elastic Solutions, we provide a managed-service webinar offering that has us managing the process from registration page creation to event archive. This includes:

• You’re given a webinar account manager that will be assigned to your account to make sure the process runs as smoothly as possible for every webinar you run on our cloud-based platform, Elastic Meetings. We handle technical, production and scheduling details. You worry about putting together great content (we’ll even consult with you on best practices for driving a value-centric message that drives traffic

• Webinars can be live, simu-live (pre-recorded and then broadcast as a ‘live’ webinar with live features) or on-demand. Elastic supports audio and slides, video and slides, video only, live screen share, etc. You name it, we can do it

• Customized registration pages with your logos, color schemes, call-to-action and overall branding. Unlimited possibilities. A more optimized registration page will convert more registrants

• Customized confirmation and reminder emails with your branding, as well as the option of offering additional pieces of content leading up to the live webinar date. This will help increase registration to attendee ratios

• Dedicated and customized dashboard for each webinar where you’ll have access to real-time reports before, during and after each webinar. These reports will give you a true sense of audience engagement

• Completely customized webinar attendee interface with a number of different engagement widgets that turn your webinars into multi-touch marketing events that increase audience engagement, provide more audience analytics and drive greater lead results. Like the registration page, this includes logos, color schemes, images, overall branding, etc.

• Managing schedules with your presenters, including running dry-runs to make sure they’re comfortable with the technology and the message that they’ll be delivering the day of the event

• Recording the webinars the day of the event so they can be ready for on-demand archiving

• Post event emails promoting the on-demand version, sending separate emails to attendees and those who registered/didn’t attend

• Each webinar is archived on our platform for 12 months

• Providing an MP4 (complete media capture) of your webinar so you can host it on your side for perpetuity

• Consulting with you on best practices to extend the shelf-life of your webinar content so it continues to act as a lead generator for your business for months to come

If you want to make webinars a bigger part of your lead generation and overall marketing plan in 2017, but you just don’t know if you have everything it takes to pull it off, a provider like us could be the solution you’re looking for. Happy Holidays!